Saturday, June 2, 2012

On The Night You Were Born

On the night you were born
The farmers all smiled in such wonder
As they walked through their fields before the light of morn
To find all their cows had taken a golden crap

Because there had never been anything in the world as wonderful as you...
and there never will be again.
So enchanting and magical is your very name
That the wind carried it as a song over all the land
At its hearing the nature of the human soul is changed
So even Grandma managed to keep her opinions about it to herself

 On the night you were born
Everyone in your family came to visit
They marveled at your eyes, your nose, your face, your hair
Not like any they had ever seen before

But they were all very polite, and said you look like Daddy
Because that's just how very, very special you are

 This is satire. So it's Copyright-legal. Laugh, Nancy Tillman. It's hilarious.

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