Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jesus' Last Week - A Timeline

Click the above image for an expanded version of a timeline of Jesus' final week, provided by Biblegateway.com.


Good Friday Links

He has died to make men holy. Let us live to make men free.
Good Friday 2013 thoughts on emancipation from all oppression bought for us at the cross.

Crucifixion as an Insurrectionist, in the Place of an Insurrectionist
Jesus Final Week - Luke 23

I'm glad for this image, but do not otherwise endorse Biblegateway.com.

For a better online Bible resource, I encourage you to check out user-created and ad-free Blue Letter Bible at the following address and link:


If you want to know more about why I strongly discourage the use of Biblegateway, feel free to contact me, and I will explain further.

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