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Radical Religion: On James - $10 
Faith Without Works Is Dead
By the Pirate Pastor

First Edition

160 pages (39, 558 words)

The first book of the Radical Christian trilogy challenges culturalized Christians to put their faith to action, walking in the steps of Jesus in solidarity with the marginalized and oppressed, practicing a Way of life that truly changes the world.

(Read a sample chapter from Radical Religion)

Radical Freedom: 
The Prison Letters
Remember My Chains
By the Pirate Pastor

Coming Soon!

The second book of the Radical Christian trilogy suggests the practical consequences of freedom - personal, communal, practical, religious and legal - as shown in Colossians, Philemon, Philippians, and Ephesians, the four books of Paul written while held prisoner by the Roman Empire.

Also coming soon: Radical Pastor - the final book in the Radical Christian Trilogy. See the sample of the original pamphlet below under "No Longer Available".


West of Eden - $5
Hearing Past our Intellectual Colonialism to the Voices of Wisdom in our Ancient Origin Myths
By Shawn Birss

(This manuscript is also being rewritten to be published as a book Spring 2014.)

88 pages (26, 176 words)
Full Colour Cover
Staple Bound

A challenging exploration of how our modern assumptions may obscure the rich meaning in the familiar stories of Genesis 1-11.

(Click to download West of Eden sample PDF)


The God Experiment
An Illustrated Short Story
Words by Shawn Birss
Illustrated by Kindra Birss  

(Click here for Sample Pages)

Seed In The Ground
A Colouring Book for Little Radicals 
Illustrated by Kate and Shawn Birss  

No Longer Available

Overgrow the Government (No Longer Available)

Jesus, Empire, and Radical Resistance
By Shawn Birss

Publisher Proposal Edition

96 pages (26, 160 words)
Red Card-stock Cover
Staple Bound

With numerous examples from the history and teachings of the early Jesus movement, a picture of a truly counter cultural community emerges from the bleak canvas of Roman imperialism.

(Click to download Overgrow the Government sample PDF) 

The Radical Pastor (No Longer Available)
On the Pastoral Letters - 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus
By Shawn Birss  

(This is being rewritten into a book)

60 pages (20, 147 words)
Goldenrod Card-stock Cover
Staple Bound

A bald, honest illumination of the early church's organization and structure, and a bold confrontation with some of the more controversial passages in the early church letters.

(Click to download The Radical Pastor sample PDF) 

Kingdom Come - Luke and Acts (NLA)
How the Early Jesus Movement 
Overgrew the Roman Empire
By Shawn Birss
(This is being rewritten into a book
projected release - Summer 2014)

276 pages (72, 112 words)  
Full Colour Illustrated
Machine Coil Bound or
Handcrafted Vinyl Hardcover and Coil Binding

(Click to download the Kingdom Come sample PDF)


  1. I love what you are doing :). Thanks!

  2. Hi, where can I buy your writings?

    1. I can mail you something if I have it printed. I've run out of a lot of my titles, but it depends what you're looking for. You can email me at, and we can work something out.